Ufone Monthly Super Internet Plus

Enjoy Ufone Super Internet Plus for only Rs. 499 (load) Subscribe to the Ufone Super Internet Plus package to get more than 8GB of data and 5GB extra for WhatsApp for the whole month.

  • Dial *290#
  • Subscription fee: 499 (load)
8 GB of Free Internet Data (+5GB for WhatsApp)
Vailidity 30 Days
Rs. 499

Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices include taxes.
  2. Bucket subscribers will get the maximum speed available. The actual speed of the Internet will depend on many factors such as location, time, device, access to web pages, number of users, etc.
  3. All WhatsApp calls will be received from data bucket resources.
  4. All buckets are only valid for prepaid customers.
  5. Dial * 706 # to check remaining bucket resources.
  6. All prices are taxable.
  7. Each session saves a certain amount of data to enhance the customer experience.
  8. Once the data bucket expires, multiple sessions will be charged separately at the default mobile package rate.
  9. After using the bucket volume, charging will be done as per the default tariff i.e. Rs. 2.50 + MB tax on 5.5 Kbs charging plus. With 25 MB usage you will get 150 MB free till midnight.
  10. The volume collector will be reset at 00:00. daily
  11. Multiple subscriptions are allowed for monthly light, monthly heavy and monthly maximum buckets.
  12. The 2GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to Monthly Light, Monthly Heavy and Monthly Maximum Social Free.

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