Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone is the first choice of many Pakistanis as it has a wide range of monthly internet packages with low coverage and low data rates. In this category, they have some interesting internet bundles like “Monthly Light”, “Social Monthly”, “Super Internet Plus”, “Monthly Heavy”, “Monthly Max” etc. which are useful for every user’s data usage. Are ideal
In the “Monthly Light” package, Ufone users will get 2GB (Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp) data + 1GB for 30 days of browsing other things. To activate this package, Ufone customers will have to recharge their balance with a load of Rs. 390. After recharging the balance, just dial * 7807 # or go to the Ufone mobile app to activate this exciting internet package.

Monthly Social Packages

Social provides monthly users with 1 GB of data for just Rs 1 a month for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. 60. To subscribe to this offer, prepaid customers need to dial * 5858 # on their mobile phone. Subscribers of this offer can check the remaining resources by dialing * 706 # or by visiting the official Ufone mobile app.

Monthly Super Card

The “Super Internet Plus” package offers users 5 GB of data for WhatsApp + 8 GB of data for a load of other things. 499 for 30 days. Ufone SIM users interested in this offer can subscribe to this amazing offer by dialing * 290 # on their mobile device or by visiting Ufone’s official website or mobile app. As with other offerings, users can check other resources by dialing 706 #. With this USSD code, users can easily check all usage details.
Heavy mobile internet users can subscribe to this amazing monthly package. In the “Monthly Heavy” bundle, users get 2GB (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line) data + 3GB data among other things at a mobile load of Rs 100 for the whole month. 780. Interested users can activate the package through Ufone mobile app or by dialing * 803 # on their mobile device.

Monthly Super Max Offer

In the “Monthly Max” internet package, users get 2GB of data for a full 30 days for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line + 10GB among other things. To activate this offer, Ufone users have to top up their mobile account with a load of Rs. 1560. After raising the mobile balance, users interested in this offer must dial * 5100 # on their mobile device to activate it. Users can also use Ufone’s official website or mobile app to activate this offer.
Like the weekly hybrid bundles, Ufone has some great monthly supercard offers that allow customers to enjoy all the services without any hassle. The company has been offering monthly super cards at three prices. Rs. 570. 599, and Rs.

Ufone Gold Super Card

Rs 570 in Rs Super Card, customers get 150 off net minutes, 1000 Ufone and PTCL minutes, 4000 SMS and 12023 MB internet for 30 days. Rs 599 in SuperCard, 180 minutes for customers, unlimited Ufone and PTCL minutes, 42023 SMS and 20230 MB data + unlimited Facebook for the whole month. Rupee SuperCard offers 999 customer’s 300 off net minutes, 5GB data + unlimited Facebook, unlimited Ufone and PTCL minutes and unlimited SMS for the whole month. Ufone SIM users can get these super cards from nearby retailers.


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