Punjab Board Biology Paper Pairing Scheme 12th Class 2023

Download PDF Biology Pairing Scheme To Get 100% Marks in 2023 Exams

Are you looking for the Punjab Board Biology Paper Pairing Scheme 12th Class 2023? You are on the correct page. Here we have uploaded Class 12 Biology Paper Scheme which is equally beneficial for all Punjab boards. Including Lahore Board, Multan Board, Gujranwala Board, Sahiwal Board, Sargodha Board, DG Khan Board, Faisalabad Board and BISE Jammu Kashmir. Download the second year 2023 paper scheme or read it online.

Candidates looking for Punjab Board Biology Paper Pairing Scheme 12th Class 2023 are informed that they can check Biology Paper Scheme through this platform. In order to facilitate the preparation of the students, the board authorities provide the paper outline to the students so that they can prepare for the upcoming exams according to it. The 2nd year 2023 Lahore board Paper scheme makes it easy for students to cover the maximum syllabus in less time. Biology is a theoretical subject and students have to do a complete study to have a good control of all subjects.

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2nd Year Biology Paper Pairing Scheme 2023 | All Punjab Boards

Through the 2023 Second Year Biology Paper Scheme, candidates can spend more time on the chapters included in the 2023 Class 12 Biology Paper Scheme to ensure better preparation for the annual exams. During exam preparation, most students worry about preparing how to cover the syllabus to get good grades. In this regard, sophomore bio-Paper 2023 as per smart syllabus helps students but candidates are also advised to focus on all the topics included in the syllabus.

Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:                                                     MARKS:17

15 2 23 1
16 2 24 1
17 1 25 1
18 2 26 1
19 1 27 1
20 1
21 2
22 1


SHORT QUESTIONS                    SECTION   -1                           Marks:44


Attempt 8 out of 12                       


Attempt 8 out of 12


Attempt 6 out of 9

Chapter    No of Question Chapter    No.of  Question Chapter    No.of Question
    15                 3 17                    3      19                 2
    16                 3  22                   3      20                 3
    18                 2  23                   3      21                 2
    26                 2  25                   3      23                 2



Attempt 3 out of 5         SECTION –II                 Total Marks-24

Q.No.5 Q.No.6 Q.No.7 Q.No.8 Q.No.9
Ch-15      Ch-25 Ch-16    Ch-20 Ch-17     Ch-27 Ch-18      Ch-22 Ch-19   Ch-24
(A)             (B) (A)            (B) (A)              (B) (A)               (B) (A)           (B)


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All Punjab Board Biology Paper Pairing Scheme 12th Class 2023

Candidates are advised that the 2023 Second Year Biology Matching Scheme Punjab Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the types of questions and paper patterns followed during the exams. The class 12 year exams have importance for the students and to pass the exams with good grades, the candidates have to follow the 2nd year 2023 biology paper outline. Therefore, the candidates who intend to sit in the class 12 annual examinations should check the issued matching scheme of biology of the second year and design the preparation plan according to it. For more information on the 2023 Sophomore Biology Matching Scheme, please continue to visit EducationHood.com.

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