Pak-England Series in July became almost impossible

The English Cricket Board has started considering changes in the schedule
matches are likely to start from the first week of August.
The Pakistan-England series became almost impossible to hold in July, the English Cricket Board
began considering changes to the schedule, with matches likely to start in the first week of August.
According to details, due to the spread of Corona virus, the scheduled Pak-England series in July is in jeopardy.
It was feared that the series could be canceled, but according to the latest reports
the English Cricket Board is still trying to hold the series.
It has been reported that the chances of the series starting in July are slim
so the English Cricket Board is now working on a new schedule for the series. The first Test of the Pakistan-England series could start on August 5 instead of July 30.
A series of 3 Tests and 3 T20 matches is scheduled between Pakistan and England. However, due to the current situation, sports activities are banned in the UK until July 1.
In this regard, it was further stated that if the schedule of Pak-England series was changed, then Pak-Ireland series was also affected. Due to the uncertainty so far, no cricket series or tournament is scheduled for this year.

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