How to Run Faster? Awesome Guide Which Everyone Needs

How to Run Faster?
Running offers many benefits for your whole body. It can not only help to build strong bones, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness, but also burn plenty of calories and help maintain a healthy weight.
Achieving a faster pace can be a thrill for runners, and it is also good for your overall health. Here are some tips to pick up the pace and improve your timing.

Start each workout with a warm-up and finish with a cool-down. This allows you to gradually ease your body in and out of intense activity. Warm-up by walking or slowly jogging for five minutes, which can wake up your muscles and help stretch out your legs to prepare for a workout. Your body uses oxygen more efficiently, improving both your running speed and your overall endurance. Stretching after you run will help to prevent lactic acid buildup, which reduces swelling and muscle soreness.

  • Eat well

To improve your speed, you need to consider what you have put into your body. The right food at the right time can motivate your performance during running. There are several foods that runners should take into account in their eating list are:

  1. Bananas — a high-carb energy booster
  2. Oats –high in carb and fiber
  3. Peanut butter –rich in Vitamin E
  4. Broccoli –full of Vitamin C
  5. Plain Yogurt –perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins
  6. Dark Chocolate –lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level
  7. Coffee –give your high-intensity interval training a boost
  • Tempo runs

Tempo runs are 10 to 45 minutes runs at a steady pace, which can help you develop discipline by controlling speed and help your bodies learn how to handle stress. You can practice the workout as following to catch your tempo:

  1. Warm-up: easy pace (1 mile at 6.5 m/ph) for 5-15 min
  2. Tempoat least 20mins at a tough pace (3 miles at 7.5 m/ph)
  3. Cooldown: easy pace (1 mile at 6.5 m/ph) for 5-15 min
  • Lateral exercise

You can do some lateral exercises like walking lateral lunges, step-ups, and shuffles to strengthen the muscles along the side of your body and move your body in a different direction. This improves mobility, eases low back pain, and stabilizes your hips, thighs, and knees.

  • Keep positive

Enjoy running and believe that you can strengthen your body. Take every running as an exploration.
There is nothing important than your safety. If you feel a little uncomfortable during running Science article, slow down to walk or sit to find someone who can help you.
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