Donut King: Ted Nguyen from Cambodia, who traveled twice in his life from poverty to the emirate

If you enter a donut shop in California, it is likely to belong to a single family from Cambodia. The reason is that a Cambodian immigrant set up this big business and because of this he became known as ‘Don’t King’, but his whole business came to an end at once.
Ted Nguyen was a student at a school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, when he first saw his sister-in-law. She was the daughter of a high government official. Remembering her, he says, “She was very beautiful. You can’t find a more beautiful woman. ”
All the boys in the school were in love with him, so Ted had no chance because Gauss was of half Chinese descent near the Thai border.
“She was very charming, like a princess,” he said. “That’s why she was under constant surveillance all the time.”
Then, a few days later, Ted found out that Suganthini’s bungalow was clearly visible from his apartment room in the block of flats where he lived. It was a great opportunity for them. He would sit in front of the window of his flat every evening and play the flute. In this quiet town, when the sound of his flute resounds, Suganthini’s mother says that whoever is playing this flute is in deep love.
One night he saw Suganthini on the balcony of his bungalow room, and he thought it was time to draw her to him. They wrote him a letter to tell him that they lived in the flat in front of his house and played the flute. He wrapped his letter in a stone and threw it at Suganthani. There was no response for several days. But one day an employee of Suganthini came to his flat to reply to the letter.


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