Get BISE Swat Board 9th Class Result 2023-BiseWap

BISE Swat Board 9th Class Result 2023-BiseWap

BISE Swat Board Annual Exams 9th Class 2023 was Ended and and the Result will be announced at 9th July-August 10:00 AM. For the latest updates Keep visiting our page.

Swat Board 9th class Result 2023 is officially announced   Click Here

BISE Swat Board 9th Class Online Result

The Intermediate and Secondary Education SWAT Board was established in 1991. The Board is legislated by the Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa provincial government. It is responsible for the examination and preparation of grades for preparatory (9th and 10th) and intermediate classes in the Swat area. BISE board Swat district consists of Swat district, Buna district and Shangla district.

The Board is responsible for organizing and administering all examinations for intermediate and preparatory classes, Pakistani and classical languages and other examinations as may be prescribed by the government, authorizing courses of study for its examinations, and establishing rules and regulations for its affiliated educational institutions, in whole or in part if they are not complied with. Corresponding, cancelling or terminating affiliations with its affiliates, regularly inspecting schools and accrediting bodies and registering transparent final reports to consider their quality, clarifying admission criteria for candidates, reviewing candidates’ eligibility to sit for examinations, issuing certificates and diplomas and cancelling such The government and Mongolia are responsible for the financial and administrative management of educational institutions.

The Board of Education for Intermediate and Secondary Education was established independently to monitor and review educational standards and quality at the district level. The Board is the government’s tool for implementing education policy and developing education. Board of Directors is responsible for calculating the funds required for buildings, premises, furniture, equipment, books and some other facilities.

SSC Part 1 Result BISE Swat Board 2023

All results and date sheets for Class 9th BISE Board Swat are posted on our website on a schedule. Control of the BISE Swat Board is vested in the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunwa. The Competent Authority conducts inspections of the BISE SWAT Board and scores and test centers in its jurisdictions and makes recommendations to eliminate query weaknesses.

Since 2012, enrolment in secondary education has increased substantially. But gender disparities are a huge problem in the region. The low enrolment rate of female students is worrying. The Government has ensured the establishment and safety of independent schools for girls, which has had a positive impact, but the average enrolment rate of female students has not improved much.

The main factor affecting the decline of the Swat education system is the affordability and accessibility of education. The KPK government must provide a well-managed school education infrastructure to ensure that education is accessible to all communities, rich and poor. Schools should be built in remote areas where travel hinders students’ education. Annual and supplementary exam results for BISE Board Swat Level 9 are published on our website.

The BISE SWAT conducts the exam and prepares the results according to the government-mandated manner. Inspection standards adopted by the board are authorized by HEC, such as Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology.

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