11th Class Physics Paper Scheme | All Punjab Boards

11th Class Physics Paper Scheme

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Are You Searching 11th Class Physics Paper Scheme? Physics is full of concepts like measurement, vectors and balance, motion and force, work and energy, and much more. Physics is similar to mathematics in that numerous calculations have to be done; however, in this field large numerical data is collected, analyzed and processed and the data may pertain to real life experiments or studies. Due to the complex nature of this course with small but significant subtopics, students need a guide that tells them all the important areas that are included in a particular topic. This need is met by the educational boards by providing their students with the Physics 1st year 2023 Paper scheme.

Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:               MARKS:17

1 2 7 1
2 2 8 2
3 2 9 1
4 1 10 1
5 2 11 2
6 1


SHORT QUESTIONS               SECTION  -1                              Marks:44


Attempt 8 out of 12


Attempt 8 out of 12


Attempt 6 out of 9

Chapter    No of Question Chapter    No.of  Question Chapter    No.of Question
    1                    4    2                    3     6                 1
    3                    4    4                    3     7                 3
    11                  4    5                    3     8                 3
   9                    3     10               2


LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 3 out of 5)      PART –II      Marks:24

Q.No.5 Q.No.6 Q.No.7 Q.No.8 Q.No.9
Ch-2      Ch-4 Ch-3    Ch-5 Ch-6     Ch-8 Ch-7      Ch-9 Ch-10   Ch-11
(A)          (B) (A)         (B) (A)          (B) (A)            (B) (A)        (B)


Physics Class 11 Paper Scheme

11th Class Islamiat Paper Scheme | All Punjab Boards

The 2023 Physics Outline lists all the crucial topics that the student must cover to consider their preparation complete. It is important to note that Physics 11 paper scheme is the same for all Punjab boards including but not limited to Gujranwala board, Sahiwal board and Multan board etc.

You will definitely get a higher percentage of the previous Above 11th Class Physics Paper Scheme. Stay updated with Biswap for the 2023 fresh physics Paper scheme Punjab board.


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