11th Class Computer Paper Scheme | All Punjab Boards

11th Class Computer Paper Scheme | All Punjab Boards

Download 1st Year Computer Paper Scheme PDF All Punjab Boards

Are You Searching 11th Class Computer Paper Scheme? If students are prepared according to the given Paper pattern or the 2023 Maths 1st Year Paper Scheme, then they will surely be 100% ready in a very short time. Students who are studying intermediate computer science subjects and are currently preparing for final exams are advised to enroll in the 2023 first year computer program. This 11-class Computer Paper Scheme 2023 is designed and presented by the Board to educate students about what patterns examiners will follow in their final exams. On this page, students can find the updated and complete 2023 Class of 11 thesis plan. Students are advised to download the Paper Scheme and organize preparations based on this Paper Scheme.

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11th Class Computer Science Paper Scheme

Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:                                                     MARKS:15

1 2 6 2
2 2 7 1
3 2 8 1
4 2 9 1
5 1 10 1


SHORT QUESTIONS                                      SECTION- I            Marks:36


Attempt 6 out of 9


Attempt 6 out of 9


Attempt 6 out of 9

Chapter    No of Question Chapter    No.of  Question Chapter    No.of Question
     1                     3     5                   6    4                    5
     2                     2     8                   2    7                    2
     3                     2     9                   2    10                  2
     6                     2    


LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 3 out of 5)   SECTION –II Marks-08     SECTION- III- Marks-16 (T.24)

Attempt any one from Q.No.5,6                        Attempt any two Q.No. 7, 8 ,9

Q.No. 5 Chap No.  1 Q.No. 7 Ch-  3
Q.No. 6 Chap No.  2 Q.No. 8 Ch-  5
    Q.No. 9 Ch-  6

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There are some benefits to be gained through the Lahore Board Assessment 2023. However, the main benefits are as follows:

  • The Class 11 Computer Pairing Scheme Punjab Board provides an idea of what types of problems can be found in papers.
  • The pairing scheme provides an idea of how many multiple-choice, short, and long questions will be arranged in the essay.
  • The pairing scheme provides an idea of which types of questions will be taken from which chapters.
  • The Matching Program 2023 Year 1 computer provides an idea of how many questions to draw from a particular chapter.

Computer Pairing Scheme 1st Year 2023

In addition to the 2023 First Year Computer Matching Program for students, there is also some very effective help content for students through which they can get 100% exam prep. For example, students can find online notes for the 11th class. These notes are prepared by professional teachers. Students also have access to the online syllabus for Lesson 11. For almost all subjects, the full syllabus is available here. In addition, we provide students with Category 11 online MCQ tests which are very helpful to cover objective types of papers. The bottom line for students is to use as much help content as possible to cover the maximum content of the syllabus before taking the 2023 first-year final exam.


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